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glass balustrades

Glass Balustrades

Give your decking project a stylish and contemporary look

For those locations with a breath taking view, why not choose one of our glass balustrade systems for decking.
Whether fitted to timber or uPVC posts with stainless steel clamps, attached to stainless steel posts, clamps and handrails or installed alongside a frameless system, we have a choice for every taste and budget.
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Find the perfect solution

All our glass is toughened safety glass and comes with polished edges and radius corners as standard. 10mm is the minimum we will install, however 12mm and thicker panels are available if required.

Toughened safety glass undergoes a process that increases both its strength (up to five times) and performance. If a breakage does occur the glass will shatter into small, manageable, less harmful pieces unlike standard non-toughened glass which has the tendency to break into large dangerous shards.
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Our glass balustrade range

clear glass balustrades
Clear Glass
grey glass balustrades
Grey Glass
bronze glass balustrade
Bronze Glass
screen printed glass balustrade
Privacy Glass.
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