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how long does decking last?
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How Long Does Decking Last?

Decking is a popular option throughout the UK. But as with any improvement to your holiday home or site, you’ll want to know how long it’s going to last. In truth, it depends on a few factors – as this post will explore.

Typical lifespans for different decking materials

The first thing to consider is which material you’re using for your decking. Wood, composite and uPVC decking each have their own expected lifespans.

How long does wooden decking last?

Decking made from softwood will typically last 10-15 years with the right maintenance. For hardwood, that can be up to 25 years. Again, maintenance is key, which we’ll discuss later.

What about uPVC?

Decking made from uPVC is renowned for its long lifespan. It can last for several decades (30-50 years) if it’s installed well and properly cared for.

How long does composite decking last?

Composite is a mixture of wood and plastic, making it a bit of a mid-point between the two other types. It’s known to last upwards 25 years if you use a trusted brand like Trex or Millboard.

With composite decking, it’s worth bearing in mind that only the deckboards will be composite. The surrounds can made from wood or uPVC, which will have their own impact on how long your decking will last.

Other factors that affect how long decking lasts


Needless to say, poorly installed decking won’t stand the test of time. Common problems include boards coming loose and water sitting on the surface, which weakens materials over time.

You should always look for an experienced decking installer that’s well reviewed by customers like you. Other trust factors include approval from decking manufacturers and membership of the Institute of Carpenters.

Product quality

You might not realise it, but there’s quite a lot of variety out there when it comes to decking materials. Cheap decking will slash the cost of your installation, but you’ll end up replacing it much more often. You’re better off avoiding this false economy and paying for quality the first time around.


As we’ve touched upon, maintenance is vital to get the most out of your decking.

Decking should be kept clean by sweeping monthly to stop debris and dirt building up. You should also use a pressure washer on an annual basis for a deeper clean.

Looking specifically at wooden decking, you’ll want to treat your decking with oil or stain once a year to keep it protected from the elements. This includes stripping the previous coat and cleaning the decking beforehand.

Decking that stands the test of time

How long does decking last? With Lakes Decking, the answer will be in decades rather than years. Our team hand-picks the best materials for bespoke decking installations across the north of England and Scotland.

With over 1,500 projects under our belt plus Trex and Millboard approval, there’s no doubting the quality of our work. We back that up with a 10-year guarantee on our workmanship – not to mention that you don’t pay anything until you’re 100% happy.

Find out more from our team on 01768 489 122 or email [email protected].

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