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garden decking advantages and advice
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Garden Decking Advantages and Advice

Domestic garden decking offers several advantages that make it a popular choice for homeowners. Here are some of the key benefits:

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Aesthetic Appeal

Decking can enhance visual appeal

Decking can significantly enhance the visual appearance of your garden, providing a clean, modern, and attractive outdoor space.  With various materials, colours and styles available, you can create a look that complements your home and garden design. Visit Our Garden Decking page to find out more.


Decking can provide additional living space

Decking creates a practical outdoor area for dining, relaxing, entertaining, or even exercising.

Level Surface

It provides a stable, level surface which is particularly useful in uneven gardens.


Variety of Uses

Decking can be used for multiple purposes such as patios, pathways, pool surrounds, and raised beds.


It can be integrated with other garden features like pergolas, gazebos, or built-in seating.



High-quality decking materials like composite or treated wood are durable and can withstand various weather conditions.

Low Maintenance

Many decking materials are designed to be low-maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning and minimal upkeep compared to traditional gardens.

Value Addition

Property Value

Adding a well-designed deck can increase the overall value of your property by enhancing its outdoor appeal and usable space.


It's often seen as a valuable investment in home improvement that pays off in terms of enjoyment and potential resale value.


Decking can provide a flat surface in your garden, which is particularly useful on uneven terrain.  It can also reduce the risk of slips and falls by providing a non-slip surface, especially when using anti-slip treatment.

Environmental Considerations

Sustainable Options

There are eco-friendly decking materials available, such as recycled composites and sustainably sourced wood.

Natural Integration

Decking can blend seamlessly with the natural environment, incorporating plants and garden features to create a harmonious outdoor space.

Practical Benefits

Quick Installation

Decking is relatively quick and easy to install compared to other hardscaping options like patios or concrete.


Decking can make an outdoor space more comfortable to use, especially in warmer months.  It tends to be cooler than concrete or paving stones and provides a softer surface underfoot.

Overall, garden decking is a versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing option that can enhance the functionality and value of your outdoor space.

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